Cooper is a 2yr old male cat. He is very playful and loves to chase and run around with us. His favorite type of toys are very lightweight so that he is able to toss them around easily and chase them. He appreciates a quiet atmosphere and his favorite spot in the house is at the top of the couch looking out of the window. He loves to eat and drink lots of water and likes to eat promptly each ni...
This kitten was found outside. She's a little skittish but once you get passed that she's incredibly cute and loves to be petted. She's about twelve weeks old.
This kitten showed up at my house about 3 mnths ago all alone and starving. It appears he was either abandoned or thrown out. I feed him and took care of him. I could not find an owner and no 1 in our area had lost a kitten. 2 Mnths ago I had him neutered,first feline leukemia vaccine, Rabies 1yr vaccine, and feline 1-HCP shot. He is approximately. seven months old and is a very smart kitten. H...
On 7/22/18 my sister passed away leaving her cat in Wake Forest, NC. Mr. Stinky is friendly, rubs against your legs and has had his front paws de-clawed. He is low maintenance and solitary. We can bring him back to Michigan if any 1 is interested. If not he will join his owner next Tuesday.
This spunky lil monkey is a rescue runt brought in with her mama and siblings at just 2 weeks old. She loves to play and often wears herself out tumbling around and ridding the world of mysterious red dots. Great for a tumble followed by a cuddle!
My name is Shackleton because I am a courageous and curious kitten who loves to explore. Part of a colony rescue effort, I was brought inside with my mama and siblings at just 2 weeks old. Now I am eight weeks old and ready for a new, big adventure! I need a home fast to make room for new kittens to be fostered. My best feature is my little black button nose. I'm certain I could be a super mode...
My name is Bellanca and I am approx a year old. I was an outdoor kitty rescued after I had a litter. I have been fostered with my kittens who are leaving the nest and I'm just too adorable to go back to my colony. I am very social and used to human love and affection as my colony has been fed and cared for by a family who could not bring us inside. Because I've been raising my rowdy bunch of ki...
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